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2017–2018 Membership Form

The HCS needs you!

We are looking to increase our membership for 2017–2018, both to have the company of more music lovers and to increase our revenue. Increasing membership and contributions allows HCS to continue to provide the high quality of fine music and dance that Hilo audiences deserve and have come to expect. In addition they enable another very important mission of HCS, educational outreach to East Hawaii schoolchildren and to our aspiring music and dance students. HCS board members give their time for free so that virtually all membership dues are spent on artists' fees, travel expenses, and presentation costs.

Thank you for your support of the Hawai'i Concert Society.

Please print, complete and send this form to Hawai'i Concert Society, P.O. Box 233, Hilo, HI 96721-0233

For further information, call Robin Messenheimer at 965-1391 or Tom Geballe at 959-4064

Benefits of membership by category
Family Sustaining Donor Patron Benefactor Corporate
Recognition in Season Program
Invitation to Annual Artists Reception

Invitation to Annual Dinner with Artists

Pair of Season Tickets
Sponsorship of Concerts
$15 to $39
$24 to $39
$40 to $79
$80 to $149
$150 to $499
$500 to $999
$1,000 +
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Name: ______________________________ Address: _____________________________________

If you are not already being reminded by email of our concerts and other local fine music and dance events related to our mission and would like to be reminded, please check the box below and provide an email address in the space provided above. HCS does not allow sharing of its mailing lists with other organizations or individuals.

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